Mini-conference vol. 5 - Performance


The fifth mini-conference will take place 2nd of December and it's about performance. We have three sessions in store:

  • Milecia McGregor - Making Your React Apps Perform At Scale - 17:45-18:15
  • Nik Graf - Tips and tricks for optimizing your React application - 18:25-18:55
  • Andrey Goncharov - Optimizing a React application - 19:05-19:35

Milecia's session will be traditional presentation while Nik's and Andrey's sessions will be hands on with live coding and discussion.

Past events#

React Finland 2021#

React Finland 2021 conference tickets are now available:

  • The conference will take place 24-28.05.2021. The workshops will run 24-26.05 and the conference 27-28.05.
  • We'll follow a similar format as earlier so the conference will be on a single track although we'll likely branch during the breaks into more impromptu sessions, QAs, and relaxation.
  • The price of the conference portion begins from 399 € (inc. VAT) and it's available now. Once these tickets run out, the late price is going to be 499 €.
  • Unlike usually, this time we have less tickets available, roughly 150 in total. That's due to ticket transfers to 2021.
  • The workshops will be announced at a later time, likely during the Fall, as we have more information available.

Learn more about RF2021 from the announcement


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