There are several things you must know before coming to React Finland. Read on to learn more.

The Venue#

The conference will be held at Valkoinen Sali (White Hall). The venue is right in the center of historical area of Helsinki and it is one of the few ballrooms kept in its original form in Finland. The space fits up to 450 people and there's a separate bar in addition to the main space.

The Venue Location#

  • Blue star - Valkoinen Sali, the main venue and first workshop location. Aleksanterinkatu 16
  • Green heart - Elisa Appelsiini, second workshop location. Kaarlenkatu 11
  • Red train - Main railway station
  • Yellow swimmer - Allas Sea Pool
  • Maroon drink - Sea Life Helsinki (afterparty). Tivolikuja 10

Where to Stay?#

How to Get to the Venue?#

There's a direct train from the airport to Helsinki center. HSL operates the local public transport system. You can find a city bike system as well.

What to Take with You?#

  • A swimming suit.
  • A towel.

How to Follow the Conference Program?#

  1. Use the site schedule.
  2. Use the mobile applications (Android, iPhone).
  3. Subscribe to the conference calendar. You can import it to your Google Calendar for example.

What Should I Know About Finland?#

  • We speak Finnish, English, and Swedish (poorly most often). Check out our brief guide to Finnish in order to surprise the locals.
  • We use euro as our currency.
  • Finland is generally considered a safe country. Do not try to go past people in the grill queue, through, as that's a common way to find yourself in a trouble.
  • Finland has about 5.5 million residents. That's about 1.6 times the population of Berlin spread around a big area. Whole Germany has roughly the same land area.
  • Some Finns don't like if you tell them Finland is a part of Scandinavia. Technically a small part in the north is but some consider Finland as a culturally separate entity. The more inclusive term to use might be fennoscandia (Finland and the rest).

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