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Photographer at ReactNext 2017

Photographer at ReactNext 2017

One important thing to understand about React Finland (Helsinki, late April 2018) is that it’s a conference organized by developers for developers. Why is this important? We believe this gives us the following advantages:

  • As we’ve seen conferences and organized ones before, we have a good idea of what an ideal conference should be like.
  • Due to our strong connections in the development community, we were able to attract a varied and diverse set of speakers from around the world. The roster includes people such as Ken Wheeler, David Khourshid, Sara Vieira, and Sia Karamalegos. A part of the roster is still emerging and no doubt our conference will help the people involved and we want to enable that.
  • There’s less pressure to make profit than in a purely commercial one. The total budget of the event is around 50.000 euros and our goal is to cover it through sales with minimal support from sponsors.
  • We can focus on delivering value to our speakers and audience. We want to connect both well to the country and local businesses and reward especially workshop organizers financially. We know the time commitment it takes and it’s only fair too compensate for it.

Perhaps the best part of organizing the conference is that we can bring fascinating people to a remote part of Europe that nobody seems to know that well. It’s a chance for us to show what the country is made of. This is one the reasons why we want to arrange a tour of Finland.

It’s about time north receives a proper React conference and we will provide one next April!