React Finland 2020 - Diversity Scholarships

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One of the prevailing issues in the tech industry has to do with diversity. By enabling people from different backgrounds to participate, we open our minds to new viewpoints.

Historically we've put increasing focus to diversity in React Finland and we try to better each year. In the past we've done this by giving away diversity tickets to let people who might not otherwise be able to participate to come and join the conference.

Diversity Scholarships#

For the 2020 edition of React Finland, we want to go a step further. By definition, diversity tickets fit best people who have access to accommodation and can travel easily to Finland. Although a good gesture, I believe we can do a little bit more.

Because of this reason, we've decided to offer diversity scholarships in addition to diversity tickets for React Finland 2020.

The way it works is that we'll give out ten diversity tickets. In addition to these ten, we'll distribute ten diversity scholarships that include accommodation in addition to a ticket.

It's a small experiment for us and I hope we'll be able to attract people that will be able to make our event accessible to someone who might otherwise miss it.


We've chosen the following criteria for React Finland 2020:

  • We'll prioritize underpresented people
  • Within Finland, we'll give emphasis to people from outside of the Greater Helsinki area. If you live within Greater Helsinki Area and want to join the conference, you can still volunteer by sending a free form email (info at
  • We'll want to attract people from abroad as well and this is where scholarships will likely help.


To apply, please fill the form. We'll go through applications as we receive them (expect a delay of a few days) and the call will end after the diversity tickets and scholarships have been given away.

Coffee at React Finland 2019

Coffee at React Finland 2019