React Finland 2020 - Online Mini-Conference #1 - Recap

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The first mini-conference about documentation took place 28th of May (17:00-21:00 Finnish time). It was our first online event and it felt like running our first physical conference a few years back. There was definite excitement in the air.

The mini-conference sessions are available as a YouTube playlist as they finish.


The event started with a warm-up session before we dug into the topic in detail. We ended the session with a panel.

In order to try to cover our production costs, we run the mini-conferences in a dual format. The public stream available on YouTube contains advertisements from our sponsors during the breaks while the premium stream gets the QAs and panel. The content is available later after each event and it's included in the post-produced videos you'll find in this post.

Carolyn Stransky - Humanizing Your Documentation - 17:45-18:15#

Carolyn Stransky, familiar to some of you from our previous conference, started the mini-conference series by going through a set of ideas related to humanizing your documentation:

You can find the slides here. There are also further resources available.

Kenigbolo Meya Stephen - Documentation in legacy React code - A love/hate paradigm - 18:30-19:00#

Kenigbolo Meya Stephen focused on the topic of documenting legacy code:

You can find the slides online.

Margarita Obraztsova - Going beyond Redux. Diversify frontend state management - 19:15-19:45#

Margarita Obraztsova took a look at Redux and going beyond it. The session provided a bridge to the second session of the series about state management.

Panel and cooling down - 20:00-21:00#

We wrapped up the event with a panel about documentation:


I hope you enjoyed our first event! Overall the format felt good and focusing on a specific topic at a time fits the series well. We can still improve the concept and we welcome feedback regarding the event.

Initially we planned to have the next event in June but in respect to our American audience and speakers, we decided to move the mini-conf about state management to 27th of August. You can already get tickets (free or premium) for it so feel free to get one in advance.