React Finland 2020 - Online Mini-Conference #5 - Recap

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The fifth mini-conference about performance took place 2nd of December.

The mini-conference sessions are available as a YouTube playlist as they finish.

Milecia McGregor - Making Your React Apps Perform At Scale#

As you add more components to your React application, you'll start to notice performance issues. Maybe data isn't loading as fast or you notice that things are happening out of order. There are tools and techniques you can use to handle these kind of issue at a large scale. In this talk, attendees will learn how to analyze their React apps for solvable issues and learn some state management and async handling techniques.

Nik Graf - Tips and tricks for optimizing your React application#

In this talk, Nik Graf will discuss his experience in optimizing React applications as he goes through a few specific cases where he improved performance.

Andrey Goncharov and Juho Vepsäläinen - Live Coding - Optimizing a React application#

In this session, Andrey Goncharov and Juho Vepsäläinen will walk through series optimizations against a simple grid component that's optimized step by step while learning how to profile the application, how to apply React APIs to speed it up, and what might be the next steps.


We wrapped up the event with a panel about performance:


I hope you enjoyed our fifth event! The next one takes place somewhere around January or February after a brief holiday break.