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We don’t like to wear shoes inside buildings.

We don’t like to wear shoes inside buildings.

The time has come to open ticket sales for React Finland (24–26.4.2018, Helsinki). The event has one day for workshops and two days for presentations (single track).

Pricing for the Workshops#

The workshops are limited to twenty persons and split into early and late bird tickets. Except for the full day one on state management, our workshops last four hours. A workshop like this will cost 150 euros for the first ten and 200 euros for the latter. A full day workshop costs the double (300/400 euros).

We split the workshop profit (50/50%) with the speakers doing the workshops. Doing this allows us to cover some of our costs while allowing us to reward the speakers as well.

The pricing model was designed to encourage smaller groups. If there’s demand, then we’ll have funds to arrange help to manage with larger ones.

Pricing for the Conference#

The conference itself (two days) has been split into three pricing groups: early, regular, and late bird. Each slot has been limited to hundred people. The pricing goes from 250 euros to 300 euros and finally 350 euros.

The idea is the same here and the pricing has been designed to keep the conference relatively small. If there’s demand, then we are prepared to deal with it thanks to the pricing.

When and how to get the tickets?#

To keep this fair to everyone, we will open the ticket sales to public on 27th of December at 18:00:00 UTC. To get a notification of this subscribe to our mailing list.

Conference API is available now#

While working on the conference site, I realized it makes sense to decouple the site content from the site itself. After wrangling a while, it was clear to me a npm package is a smart way to do this.

Doing this was necessary to allow the mobile application of the conference to receive updates through a GraphQL API. You can try the API online to explore what the conference has to offer!


The conference is shaping up well. The venue we booked touches Finnish history. If it was good enough for the presidents of the past, it’s likely so for developers of the future.