React Finland 2020 - Online Mini-Conference #4 - Lessons Learned

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Given we had to postpone the physical portion of the React Finland to the next year, we'll run with the same themes in a mini-conference format. Each of the events covers a specific topic. Last time we discussed design systems.


In the fourth edition, we'll focus on lessons learned. In particular, the goal is to learn about best practices with React while covering emerging technology related to it.

As usual, we have three sessions in store. Two will be in a "show and tell" format while the third talk about Reakit will be a traditional presentation. We're still iterating on the format and it feels like doing something more interactive works well online.

The event will take place 28th of October (17:30-20:10 Finnish time) and it's going to be available both in free and premium formats.

To "pay" for the free option, you'll see themed advertisements during the breaks while the premium stream receives the QA. The QAs will be available later and included to the videos that are shared after the event.

The free/premium split allows us to keep the event accessible for all while giving us a chance to try to cover production costs.


We have three speakers awaiting you and Juho Vepsäläinen will host the session. The event begins 17:30 and after the end panel (premium only), we continue with a relaxed Zoom meeting starting at 20:10 and ending whenever people head out to other things (officially 20:30).

I've listed the talks below. You can learn more at the schedule.

Luke Jackson - Oceanwind - 17:45-18:15#

In this freeform session, Juho Vepsäläinen will discuss Oceanwind with Luke Jackson to understand why the styling solution exists and how it was developed. Oceanwind implements Tailwind.css class syntax but with a twist as it doesn't require PurgeCSS to work and it can operate both in runtime and server-side rendering (SSR) modes.

Diego Haz - Reakit – Toolkit for building accessible UIs - 18:25-18:55#

In his talk, Diego Haz will discuss Reakit, a toolkit for building accessible UIs. See the SurviveJS interview to get an early idea of the solution.

Mikhail Novikov - Lessons learned from burnout - 19:05-19:35#

In this conversational session, Juho Vepsäläinen will discuss with Mikhail Novikov about the lessons he has learned from a burnout. I expect we'll see many concrete ways how to improve your well-being in these difficult times.

What are the participation options#

The session will be available in two formats - premium and free. The talks will be available freely through YouTube as we stream them simultaneously through another platform. Here's how the options differ:

  • Free - Hosted on YouTube only, ads during breaks, minimal interactivity - 0 €
  • Premium - Hosted on other platforms - You'll have full access to the event QAs and the end panel - 15 € (inc. VAT)

The talk videos will be available through our YouTube channel later after the event.

How to get a ticket#

If you decided to move your React Finland conference ticket to the next year, we'll send you a free premium ticket to the event closer to the date. Otherwise, please use our ticket provider and choose either a premium or a free ticket. There are still online workshop tickets available as well.

Depending on the choice, we'll send you a link with details later and remind you of the event.

If you haven't received your ticket for the online events yet although you have a conference ticket, ping me via email (info at


I hope to see you in our fourth online event!