React Finland 2020 - Online Mini-Conference #4 - Recap

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The fourth mini-conference about lessons learned took place 28th of October.

The mini-conference sessions are available as a YouTube playlist as they finish.

Diego Haz - Reakit – Toolkit for building accessible UIs#

In his talk, Diego Haz discussed Reakit, a UI toolkit for React that makes it easier to develop accessible component libraries. The talk covers the general approach and explains why Reakit was built the way it is.

Luke Jackson - Oceanwind#

In his discussion with Juho Vepsäläinen, Luke Jackson goes through Oceanwind, a styling approach. Oceanwind implements the styling semantics of Tailwind but in an opposite manner.

Instead of coming with a CSS file with all the possible utility CSS rules, Oceanwind composes the required CSS based on usage. As a result, less tooling is required and the approach works both as a runtime and through server-side rendering while being performant and yielding good results.

Mikhail Novikov - Lessons learned from burnout#

In his discussion with Juho Vepsäläinen, Mikhail Novikov goes through the lessons he learned from burnout. As an industry, we seem to be particularly vulnerable to it and therefore it was an important topic to discuss in our conference series.

See Fullstack health for a podcast about the topic and Understanding Job Burnout article to learn more about the topic.


We wrapped up the event with a panel about lessons learned:


I hope you enjoyed our fourth event! The next event about performance happens 2nd of December. You can already get tickets (free or premium) for it so feel free to get one in advance.