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Nerd parties are best parties

Nerd parties are best parties

Whenever there’s a bigger conference in town, it has an electrifying effect as it encourages people to set up their own events. It’s a great chance to meet the local developers and go sauna with them.

23.04 (Tuesday) 18:00–21:00 — React Helsinki — April Meetup#

React Helsinki, the local user group, is having their April meetup one day before the conference. You’ll learn at least about React Native and micro-frontends there. Given there’s limited amount of space, register now.

24.04 (Wednesday) 18:00–22:00 — Sauna with Reaktor#

One of our gold sponsors, Reaktor, wants to sauna with you. There will be also something drink/eat. For those participating in our workshops, there will be a shuttle (not a space one) from the venue to Reaktor offices. Again, the space is limited, so please register.

25.04 (Thursday) 18:00–20:00 — #SMOOSH#

After sold out shows in London and Berlin, we’re bringing the #SMOOSH comedy show to Helsinki!

Join us for an evening of standup, improv, and even a sing-along. This show will be unforgettable, no matter how much you try to forget it. 😉

26.04 (Friday) 18:00–23:00 — Afterparty at Tiivistämö#

What’s a better way to end a week than to have an afterparty. We’ll go to a specific place, Tiivistämö, for this and we’ll organize transport from the venue. You’ll have a nice chance to hang out with other developers in this space dedicated to us. I’ve also heard rumors of a DJ. We might skip karaoke, though.


I hope to see you at the events around the conference. It’s going to be a busy week!