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Volunteers in action ([Pixabay](

Volunteers in action (Pixabay)

Even with a big team (we are about six), you’ll still need external support to organize a conference. Especially this time the scope (~350 people) will be a great challenge as we have to ensure everything runs smoothly.

This is where volunteering comes in. Often conferences offer volunteering options and React Finland isn’t an exception to the rule. Should you choose to volunteer to help us out at the conference, the offer is the following:

  • We expect you to work during the conference (24–26.04)
  • In return, you’ll get access to the conference days including the extra program (comedy show, afterparty)
  • You’ll also receive swag and a special organizer shirt (limited edition)
  • You won’t go hungry (Finnish food included)
  • We won’t be able to provide travel/accommodation

That said, if you are interested in the conference, this could be one way for you to join it. In the case above sounds like the thing for you, apply to become a volunteer.