React Finland 2018 — Sold out! Workshops left

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[Moomin house in the Winter.]( Don’t worry, we won’t have scary moomins in React Finland!

Moomin house in the Winter. Don’t worry, we won’t have scary moomins in React Finland!

React Finland 2018 has officially been sold out. And this happened two months before the conference! I expected this to take far longer and the strong demand was a surprise.

The conference will have around three hundred attendees. Size-wise it’s quite ideal as I feel it’s not too small or too big. You will have a lot of time to make new friends and discover new technologies.

Still Workshop Tickets Left#

That said, there are still workshop tickets left. Especially if you are close to Helsinki, this might be something fun for you. We don’t fly all our speakers to Helsinki for nothing!

The prices start from 150 € per a four hour workshop. In return you’ll get to spend time with one of the leading names in the industry while learning a lot about a topic such as Babel, ReasonML, state management, testing, or universal apps.

We give half of the workshop profits to the speakers and also cover their travel and accommodation. Doing this is fair given the effort they put into their work and should in my opinion be the standard in the industry.