React Finland 2019 Keynotes + Workshop on TypeScript

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React Finland 2019 (24–26.04) will have keynotes by Michel Weststrate and Rick Hanlon. Michel will also hold a full day workshop about TypeScript.

Michel Weststrate

Michel Weststrate

Michel Weststrate

Michel Weststrate — MobX — The Journey#

Michel Weststrate is famous for developing MobX and pushing the art of state management further. In the first edition of React Finland he spoke about immer, a solution designed to make it easier to write reducers for Redux.

Michel is an experienced practitioner in TypeScript and will hold a full day workshop about the topic. The workshop is aimed primarily for TypeScript beginners.

Given the language is becoming a mainstream option, this workshop is a good choice. I spent most of the year with the language this year and I can see how it improve your development experience while making refactoring safer and easier.

If you already enrolled to a workshop and want to participate in Michel’s instead, let us know (info and we’ll change your ticket.

Rick Hanlon — React Native#

Rick Hanlon

Rick Hanlon

Rick Hanlon from Facebook will discuss React Native and where it’s going in his keynote for the second day.

Rick is well known for his contributions to Jest, a popular testing choice for React projects, and will be a great addition to the roster of React Finland.

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