React Finland 2020 - Online Mini-Conference #1 - Documentation

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As discussed in the previous post, we've moved our workshops and the conference online. Instead of running it in a standard conference format, we decided to split it over year.

The first session will take place 28th of May (17:00-21:00 Finnish time) and it's going to be about documentation. As a theme it's intriguing given not much attention is given to it although it's often one of the most visible parts of a project. Therefore it felt like a great starting point for our conference series.


We've found three great speakers and an MC for the first event. You might remember Jani Eväkallio from the past editions of React Finland, first as a speaker and then as an MC. It's great to have him host our first online as well.

The event will begin 17:00 and we'll warm up till 17:30. It's then that we have a brief introduction to the topic and the theme before we delve into the talks.

Carolyn Stransky - Humanizing Your Documentation - 17:45-18:15#

You might remember Carolyn from the previous edition of React Finland and from GraphQL Finland as well. She'll show us the humane side of documentation.

Kenigbolo Meya Stephen - Documentation in legacy React code - A love/hate paradigm - 18:30-19:00#

Kenigbolo Meya Stephen, a new speaker in React Finland, will focus on documenting legacy React code. If you've stuck with React for the past few years, you likely know what I'm talking about. He'll show us how to deal with the past.

Margarita Obraztsova - Going beyond Redux. Diversify frontend state management - 19:15-19:45#

Margarita Obraztsova is going to look at Redux and available options especially from the perspective of documentation. Sometimes a solution that looks simple isn't so and vice versa. The session will also bridge us to the topic of June but more on that in a later post.

Panel and cooling down - 20:00-21:00#

We'll wrap the event form of a panel after which there will be casual discussion as we cool down.

What are the participation options#

The session will be available in two formats - premium and free. The talks will be available freely through YouTube as we stream them simultaneously through another platform. Here's how the options differ:

  • Free - Hosted on YouTube only, ads during breaks, minimal interactivity - 0 €
  • Premium - Hosted on other platforms - During the breaks, we'll run QAs and the sessions will be interactive. After the talks, we'll run a panel to discuss the topic further - 30 € (inc. VAT)

The talk videos will be available through our YouTube channel later after the event.

Producing an event like this isn't free so we felt it's fair to charge for value while having a free, sponsor oriented option available. By doing this, ideally we should be able to cover the production cost, compensate our MC and speakers, and possibly pay ourselves for the work involved.

How to get a ticket#

If you decided to move your React Finland conference ticket to the next year, we'll send you a free premium ticket to the event closer to the date. Otherwise, please use our ticket provider and choose either a premium or a free ticket. There are still online workshop tickets available as well.

Depending on the choice, we'll send you a link with details later and remind you of the event.


I hope to see many of you in our first online event. Documentation as a topic might not feel like the most obvious one but that's a good sign given it means there might be something to learn!